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Foreign Policy Focus is a podcast hosted by me, Kyle! It covers current events overseas and how those events affect you at home. While US military operations in the Middle East seem like they are on the other side of the world, they have real impacts on the everyday lives of Americans. Wars are the most costly of all US government actions and politicians use them to strip away rights of Americans. Knowing what your government is doing around the globe will give you insight into what they are doing at home.
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Foreign Policy Focus is a podcast hosted by me, Kyle! It covers current events overseas and how those events affect you at home. While US military operations in the Middle East seem like they are on the other side of the world, they have real impacts on the everyday lives of Americans. Wars are the most costly of all US government actions and politicians use them to strip away rights of Americans. Knowing what your government is doing around the globe will give you insight into what they are doing at home.

May 3, 2017

On FPF #35 I discuss the story of the US running low on bombs. I examine the morality of dropping so many bombs. I also look at the practical outcomes of US air wars. I update stories on Mosul, Syria, Russia, Yemen, and Afghanistan. 

May 1, 2017

On FPF #34 I discuss the clash between Turkey and Kurdish forces. I break down who the US-backed Kurdish forces are and why Turkey bombs them. In a very reckless move by Trump, he is using US troops as a buffer between the enemies. I cover several other important foreign policy stories. 

Apr 28, 2017

On FPF #33, I dive into Trump's foreign policy in the first 99 days. I break down all his major foreign policy moves. Trump's foreign policy is hawkish and a betrayal of his campaign promises. Trump's personal and early decisions suggest his foreign policy will not put American first. 

Apr 26, 2017

On FPF #32, I discuss the failures of the US media. Even after the disasters of the War on Terror, the mainstream media continues to be uncritical of US foreign policy. I discuss some of the biggest failures of the media. I point out some easy questions that our media can ask to expose the lies of the American government. I also update news about North Korea, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria.

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Apr 24, 2017

On FPF#31, I dive into the results of a survey about who American's view as their enemies. Only North Korea is named as an enemy by a majority of Americans. America is bombing several countries that the American people do not see as their enemies. How does the government get away with waging war against countries that Americans do not call enemies? I also update Yemen, Syria, French elections, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Apr 21, 2017

On FPF #30, I discuss news stories of war and terror from around the globe. An ISIS terrorist attack occurred in France. The US is arming the Peshmerga for more war in Iraq. The White House and MSM continue to push the Assad used chemical weapons narrative, while scientists disprove it. In Afghanistan, the US is fighting ISIS near the site of the MOAB strike. I also update Kony, Egypt, Venezuela, and Yemen. 

Apr 19, 2017

On FPF #29, I examine some of the costs of American's wars. Civilians in other countries clearly identified as victims of American wars. American civilians face grave consequences from the wars. Many vets will suffer from lifelong illnesses and disabilities from wars. All citizens lose rights and face crippling debts. I also update some important foreign policy news stories.   

Apr 17, 2017

On FPF #28, I discuss the Trump Administration's policy towards North Korea. Trump seems to have turned his attention from Iran to North Korea. Erdogan has won an important referendum in Turkey. Erdogan now has dictator-like powers. I also update Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya. 

Apr 14, 2017

On FPF #27. I take a look at Trump backing up on campaign promises again. Trump now believes NATO is not obsolete. I discuss Trump moving closer to regime change in North Korea. I also update Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Mosul.

Apr 12, 2017

On FPF#26, I discuss Trump's foreign policy. Trump's Secretary of State thinks the US should be the world's police force. Trump's Press Secretary said Trump will attack Assad for using barrel bombs. Trump is taking a very aggressive policy against North Korea. 

Apr 10, 2017

In FPF #25, I update listeners on stories from Syria since Trump's attack. I go over who support and who opposes Trump's attack. I also update listeners on Yemen, Afghanistan, and the Trump Administration. 

Apr 7, 2017

On FPF #24, I discuss Trump attacking Assad in Syria. On April 7th, Trump bombed a Syrian airfield controlled by Assad. This attack was the first direct use of military force against Assad in Syria. Trump has no good options in Syria, and this attack will only help al-Qaeda and ISIS. Hillary Clinton suggested Trump bomb Syrian airfields just before he carried out the attack. 

Apr 5, 2017

On FPF #23, I discuss the Syrian gas attack. In the hours following the attack, the US government and media were out in full force to tell us that Assad carried out the attack. I break down the situation in Syria and explain why Assad seems to lack motive for this attack. I also update stories about Lockheed, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. 

Apr 3, 2017

On FPF #22, I discuss blowback and how Americans need to accept blowback as a consequence of interventionism. I also update current events in foreign policy news. 

Mar 31, 2017

On FPF #21, I discuss the increase in civilian deaths in countries around the Middle East. In Iraq, the US seems to have loosened restrictions on airstrikes. In Syria, the US continues to bomb civilians and lie about it. In Yemen, the US looks to be increasing support for Saudi Arabia's war against civilians of Yemen. 

Mar 29, 2017

On FPF #20, I discuss several current events related to foreign policy. I update civilians continuing to die from US airstrikes against ISIS. I explain why Assad and Israel threaten each other over Israel bombing Syria. I break down the US is boycotting UN nuclear weapons talks and a few more stories. 

Mar 27, 2017

On FPF #19, I discuss the war in Yemen. For over two years, Saudi Arabia has been waging an air war in Yemen with the assistance of the US. The US is also carrying out raids and drone attacks against al-Qaeda. I explain how the US is fighting on both sides of the Yemeni war and how the civilians are suffering. 

Mar 24, 2017

On FPF #18, I give non-interventionists some arguments to use for talking to republicans. The message of noninterventionism can be sold to a conservative crowd. Conservatives are in a great position to move the GOP platform. I also update Tillerson, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Mar 22, 2017

On FPF #17, I analyze the winners and losers of the War on Terror. The terror war has been long and bloody. The winners in the war are the US government and the jihadists. The citizens in the Middle East and the US are the losers of the war. I also update Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and NATO.

Mar 20, 2017

On FPF #16 I discuss who is winning the terror war. While US citizens continue to see their standard of life decline, US politicians become more rich and powerful with each passing year. Citizens of the Muslim world also suffer and die from the War on Terror, while the jihadists groups continue to grow. I also give updates on Trump, Syria, Mosul, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. 

Pentagon denies bombing mosque [Link]

Mar 17, 2017

On FPF #15, I discuss how John McCain is becoming unhinged. McCain accused Rand Paul of working for Putin and introduced a resolution to condemn Russian actions in Syria. I review John McCain's long history of sending US troops to die overseas. I also give updates on Syria, Yemen, Libya, and North Korea. 

Mar 15, 2017

On FPF #14, I discuss Trump's golden opportunity to get out of Syria. It is clear that Assad will win the Syrian War, and now is the perfect time for Trump to pull America out of the war. ISIS will be defeated, and US involvement will unnecessarily endanger American troops. I also discuss Trump giving more power to the Pentagon and CIA to carry out wars without Executive supervision. I talk about Rand's new bill to prevent the US from arming terrorists. I give updates on the war in Syria and Iraq. 

Mar 13, 2017

On FPF #13, I discuss several stories regarding Trump's foreign policy. Trump is looking to loosen restrictions on the Terror War, is planning to use Gitmo more, is hoping to collect on debt from Cambodia, and he does not know what the plan for Raqqa is. I also give updates on Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and the South China Sea. 

Mar 10, 2017

On FPF #12, I break down the complicated mess in Syria. With several different countries and groups all operating in Syria with unique motives, it is very difficult to understand what is really going on. I explain who is operating in Syria and what each group's goals are. I also give updates on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. 


Women and Children in Yemeni Village Recall Horror of Trumps Highly Successful Seal Raid [Link]

Mar 8, 2017

On FPF #11, I discuss the US Drone war in Yemen, the arming of jihadist in Syria, and the regime change in Libya. I explain how these interventions severely harm the children who live in those countries by inflicting them with serious mental illnesses. An entire generation will suffer lifelong consequences from the US War on Terror. I also give updates on the travel ban, Wikileaks, Syria, and North Korea. 

Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen [Link]

Mental health crisis among Syria's children a living nightmare: Save the Children [Link]

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