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Foreign Policy Focus is a podcast hosted by me, Kyle! It covers current events overseas and how those events affect you at home. While US military operations in the Middle East seem like they are on the other side of the world, they have real impacts on the everyday lives of Americans. Wars are the most costly of all US government actions and politicians use them to strip away rights of Americans. Knowing what your government is doing around the globe will give you insight into what they are doing at home.
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Foreign Policy Focus is a podcast hosted by me, Kyle! It covers current events overseas and how those events affect you at home. While US military operations in the Middle East seem like they are on the other side of the world, they have real impacts on the everyday lives of Americans. Wars are the most costly of all US government actions and politicians use them to strip away rights of Americans. Knowing what your government is doing around the globe will give you insight into what they are doing at home.

May 18, 2018

On FPF #195, I discuss new offensives in Afghanistan and Yemen. In Afghanistan, the Taliban have begun their Spring Offensive. The Taliban killed over 100 Afghan soldiers in a week and seized two district headquarters. In Yemen, Saudi backed forces started an offensive towards the Port of Hodeida. Humanitarian organizations have repeatedly warned that a battle for the port will lead to famine in Yemen. I also update Iran, North Korea, and Iraq. 


May 16, 2018

Will Porter returns to Foreign Policy Focus to discuss the Nakba and the protests in Gaza. Will gives the historical background for the Great Return March Protests. We discuss the Israeli reaction to the protest and review the morality of using lethal force against the protesters. 


Ramsey Baroud on the Right of Return

DWB report on the Great Return March 

Ilan Pappe

Arab League 

May 11, 2018

On FPF #192, I discuss Gina Haspel's nomination to become CIA Director and the new AUMF bill. Ray McGovern heroically stood up at a hearing with Gina Haspel to recount her history of torture. I look at the proposed AUMF and Senator Rand Paul's warning it gives the president ultimate war powers. I also discuss North Korea, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. 


Liberty Weekly #73

May 7, 2018

On FPF #190, I look at Trump's coming decision on the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Trump has called the agreement the "worst deal ever." I explain the options for European countries and Iran if Trump decides to leave the deal. I discuss the consequences leaving the deal for Israel, Syria, and North Korea. I also update Haspel's nomination, Gaza, and Yemen



May 4, 2018

On FPF #189, I debunk the myth of Russian Aggression. Western leaders continue to push the narrative that revisionist powers are looking to destroy the world order and are a threat to the people in the West. By providing disinformation about Crimea, Syria, and chemical weapons, people are tricked into believing Russia is a threat. I set the record on all of these matters. I also update Libya, Afghanistan, Niger, and Yemen.


FPF #188 - Israel & Iran

FPF #184 - Expanding NATO to Ukraine 

Scott Horton Show - Ted Snider 

Maj. Danny Sjursen debunks Russian Aggression 

Patrick Cockburn - Israel bets Iran won't strike back 

May 2, 2018

On FPF #188, I look at the relationship between Iran and Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a talk claiming to have proof Iran is in violation of the nuclear deal. Israel has bombed several Iranian targets in Syria. I examine the impact these developments will have on the US policy for Iran with the recertification of the Iran Nuclear Agreement looming. I also discuss the VA and North Korea


Around the Empire #51 

Syria looks to expand in Israel 

Apr 30, 2018

On FPF #187, I cover Trump's policy on North Korea and Iran. The Korean leaders had a historic summit on Friday and talks of denuclearizing the Korean Penisula continue to move forward. Trump is now in a position to make a deal with North Korea for denuclearization. 

On May 12th, Trump will be faced with a decision to sign a waiver to continue sanctions relief against Iran or break the P5+1 Nuclear Agreement. The IAEA has certified Iran is living up to the deal. Trump claims Iran is violating the "spirit of the deal." Trump's new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US is unlikely to remain in the deal past May. 


Gareth Porter on Trump's limited options for Iran 

Apr 27, 2018

On FPF #186, I talk current events from the fronts of the American empire. At home, the US has introduced a new drone warship. In Libya, chaos continues to thrive as General Haftar returns to the country. Assad continues to reclaim territory in Syria. The Taliban have announced the start of their spring offensive. I also explain how war hawks will look to exploit the war in Yemen to demonize Iran. 


FPF #182 - Expanding Trump's War Powers

FPF #162 - The Deadly Afghan Opium Crop with Will Porter

Peace and Liberty #20 - Libya 

Apr 25, 2018

On FPF #185, I give my take on the establishment's glorification of past presidents. Then, I address the most important stories in the news. Rand Paul endorsed Pompeo to be Secretary of State. The Koreans continue to move towards peace. In Afghanistan, a voter registration drive has spurred attacks by the Taliban and ISIS-K. I update Cuba, Syria, and Yemen. 


FPF #167 - Tillerson out, Pompeo in

Adam Johnson on the media's reaction to Syria

75% of South Koreans support peace

MSM Against Korean peace

Child killed by Israeli sniper

Apr 23, 2018

On FPF #184, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss his recent articles. Will published Ukraine's NATO Bid Risks Even Worse US Russian Ties at Consortium News. He explains the history of NATO's expansion to the Russian border and reviews the events in Ukraine in 2014. Now Ukraine is on the path to NATO membership; Will explains what this could mean for the US/Russian relationship. 

Will published Chemical Facility Hit in Syria Strike Cleared Twice by Inspectors in 2017 at Libertarian Insititute. On FPF #181, Will discussed his research into the past OPCW inspections at sites the US bombed in Syria. Wil updates us on his work on this story. 

Will is a freelance journalist who specializes in US foreign policy and Mid East affairs. Will's work can be found at Consortium News,, Libertarian Insitute, and the Daily Sheeple. 


FPF #115 - The Rise of ISIS with Will Porter 


Apr 20, 2018

On FPF #183, I discuss the Korean peace process. Recently, South Korea said the Koreans will look end the Korean War and Trump gave his 'blessing' to Korean peace. Trump then announced CIA Director Mike Pompeo traveled to North Korea to meet with Kim Jung Un. South Korean President Moon announced that North Korea will agree to denuclearization without US troops withdrawing from South Korea. 

I breakdown Trump's interpretation of the Korean peace process he presented at a recent press conference. I also update Turkey's geopolitical position. 

Apr 18, 2018

On FPF #182, I discuss a new AUMF that has been proposed in the Senate. The AUMF increase Trump's powers to wage expansive and endless war. The AUMF authorizes war against the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and those associated groups. The AUMF authorizes war in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. However, the President is not limited to only fighting war in those countries and against those groups. The President will be able to add any group or expand the war to any country just by notifying Congress. The AUMF has no sunset, and the power to wage war will only end if Congress passes a resolution ending it. 


FPF #162 - Congress Moves on War

Robert Fisk visits Douma

Moon of Alabama on the success of the US attack on Assad

Apr 16, 2018

On FPF #181, Will Porter joins the show to discuss Trump ordering an attack on the Syrian government. Will and I breakdown speeches by Trump, Secretary of Defense Mattis, Pentagon spokesperson Dana White, and General McKenzie to explain the attack and give our analysis. 

Will Porter is a freelance journalist who writes on American foreign policy. His work can be found at The Libertarian Institute,, The Daily Sheeple, and Consortium News. 


US Killing Civilians in Battle for Mosul

Will's research on OPCW


Apr 13, 2018

On FPF #180, I discuss the geopolitical fallout from the Western accusation that Assad used chemical weapons in Douma, Syria. The US has floated forming a coalition for military actions against Assad, with France and the UK suggesting they would be participants. Trump is looking to end the Gulf Corporation Council split between Saudi Arabia in Qatar signaling the US may be trying to align its Arab allies for an attack. I examine what the possible US military actions against Assad may be and the possible responses from Russia.  I also break down some highlights of Mike Pompeo's confirmation hearing and the coming protests in Gaza. 




Apr 11, 2018

On FPF #179, journalist Will Porter returns to the show to discuss Syria. Allegations that Assad used chemical weapons have presented the hawks with an opportunity to push Trump deeper into the Syrian quagmire. Trump seems to be taking the bait, as he says he believes Assad carried out the attack.

Will breaks down Trump's statement and explains the flaws in the president's argument. Will helps debunk common lies about the Syrian Civil War and chemical weapons by dissecting Nikki Haley's speech at the UN. Will and Kyle also discuss Tucker Carlson's recent heroic monolog

Will is a freelance journalist who writes on Mid East Affairs and American Foreign Policy. His work has been published at, The Libertarian Institute, The Daily Sheeple, and Consortium News. 

Apr 9, 2018

On FPF #178, I discuss recent allegations that Assad used chemical weapons. The al-Qaeda linked White Helmets claims that over 40 people were killed in the attack. In response, Trump took to Twitter to call Assad an animal and blame the situation in Syria on Obama. I debunk past claims that Assad used chemical weapons. I also update the Gaza Protests, Taiwan, and Afghanistan


Apr 6, 2018

On FPF #177, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss Syria, Russia, and North Korea. In an Ohio speech, Trump suggested the US should remove troops from Syria. Trump has since said US troops will remain in Syria for now. On a March 20th phone call, Trump suggested to Putin a arms control summit at the White House. Trump has committed to talks with North Korea. Will discusses how the appointment of John Bolton as NSA will impact Trump's instincts to do the right thing.

Will Porter is a freelance journalist whose work can be found at Libertarian Institute,, and Consortiumnews.  

Show Notes 

Scott Horton on Sergei Skripal poisoning

Immersion News John Bolton archive 


Apr 2, 2018

On FPF #175, I breakdown segments by NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel. Engel presents a narrative that Russia an expansionist power headed by the evil Putin. During the segments, Engle tells lies, half-truths, and distorts facts to scare Americans into believing his fake narrative. I set the record straight on Russian intervention in Syria, Crimea, and the UK. 


Richard Engel on Hardball

Richard Engle on Maddow

Syrian Chemical Weapons Allegations

Russia's Annexation of Crimea

Will Porter on Russiagate 

Mar 30, 2018

On FPF #174, I update the Syrian Civil War. The Syrian Civil War recently passed its 7th year but remains exceptionally complex. Assad has liberated Damascus from most al-Qaeda linked factions. Turkey has conquered the Afrin District from the Syrian Kurds and now Turkey looks to move its military operations to Manbij. ISIS controls various pockets around Syria. The US continues to have thousands of troops in Syria. However, Trump announced the troops were leaving very soon. 


Peace and Liberty Podcast

Liberty Weekly Podcast 

Elijah Magnier updates the Syrian battlefield 

Mar 28, 2018

On FPF #173, I discuss the US expelling 60 Russian diplomats. Several other countries also expelled Russian diplomats in response to an alleged Russian nerve agent attack in the UK. I look at the evidence behind the allegations and respond to US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman.

I break down new developments in the Yemeni Civil War and the Afghan War


Hawks Always Fail Upwards

Andrew Cockburn on the Afghan Opium Trade

Moon of Alabama UK Nerve Agent Attack 


Mar 26, 2018

On FPF #172, I discuss Trump's announcement that John Bolton will replace HR McMaster as National Security Advisor. Bolton continues to support the Iraq War and he was involved in lying us into the war. Bolton has been a long opponent of the Iran Nuclear Deal. He has suggested preemptive strikes against North Korea and Iraq. Bolton supported Obama's war in Libya. I also give some analysis of what this means for US foreign policy. 


Mar 23, 2018

On FPF #171, I discuss Ahed Tamimi. Ahed is a 17-year-old Palestinian who was jailed for confronting an Israeli soldier who shot her younger cousin. Ahed was denied a public trail and remained in jail while awaiting trial at an Israeli military court. Ahed agreed to a plea deal and spend 8 months in prison. Ahed has become a symbol of resistance for Palestinians. I also update Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan


Ahed Tamimi's cousin arrested

Taibbi: The Legacy of the Iraq War

Veterans for Peace go to Palestine

Maj. Danny Sjursen: The Iraq War has been a 15 year long failure

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